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Run for the Sun

A raging animal of a man...more savage than any jungle killer!

Bwana Devil

A lion in your lap! A lover in your arms!

The Abominable Snowman


The Big Fisherman

The Story of Simon Peter of Galilee

X the Unknown

Can anything escape its terror?

The Wrong Man

Suspense Mounts Step By Step

The Wild One

C'mon, baby, let's have a ball!

The War of the Worlds

A mighty panorama of earth-shaking fury!

The Thing from Another World

Natural or Supernatural?


Kill one and two take its place!

The Ten Commandments

The Greatest Event in Motion Picture History

Stage Fright

Hands that applaud can also kill!

Sleeping Beauty

See It With Someone You Love.


There's A Score To Settle...and This is it!


All's fair in love . . .

Robot Monster

Monsters Attack Earth!

Rebel Without a Cause

To Belong...and be loved.

Rear Window

Suspense of screaming proportions!

Quo Vadis

This is the Big One!

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Aliens Resurrecting The Dead! Flying Saucers Over Hollywood!

Pillow Talk

It's what goes on when the lights go off!

Paths of Glory

It explodes in the no-man's land no picture ever dared cross before!

On Moonlight Bay

The lovin'est musical in many a moon!

Old Yeller

A motion picture to remember with glowing pleasure!


Now everyone can see it-at popular prices!

North by Northwest

It's love and murder at first sight!


It's the love story of an unsung hero!

Kiss Me Deadly

Blood red kisses! White hot thrills!