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Die "Really" Hard


You'll Believe a Man Can Fly!

Where Time Began

Incredible adventures in a fantastic world!

The World's Greatest Athlete

He's a winner...he's a swinger...he's DYNAMITE!

Tora! Tora! Tora!

The incredible attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Spy Who Loved Me

007 Blasts Back


The girls are out of this world

The Man with the Golden Gun

Roger Moore as James Bond 007


I have seen the future and it doesn't work.

The Yakuza

100 years ago they were called Samurai.


A fantasy vision of the future.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate ···

Enter a world of pure imagination.

When a Stranger Calls (1979 ···

A Terrifying Classic!

The Warriors

Tonight they're all out to get the Warriors.

Vanishing Point

It's the maximum trip... at maximum speed.

Up in Smoke

You'll be rolling in the aisles!

The Towering Inferno

One Tiny Spark Becomes A Night Of Blazing Suspense.

THX 1138

The Future is here.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre···

Can you survive... It happened.

Soylent Green

What is the secret of Soylent Green?

Slap Shot

Slap Shot out slaps... out swears... out laughs...

Silver Streak

Nothing can stop the Silver Streak

Rolling Thunder

Welcome Home Major!

Rocky II

The Italian Stallion is back!

Revenge of the Pink Panther

Now it's the Pink Panther's turn!


Hell On Wheels!

Play Misty for Me

The scream you hear may be your own!

Pink Flamingos

An exercise in poor taste.

Phantom of the Paradise

The music made him do it!

Night Moves

Maybe he would find the girl...