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The Stranglers of Bombay

In Strangloscope!

Street Fighter

The ultimate battle is about to begin.

The English Patient

In love, there are no boundaries.

Six-String Samurai

Vegas Needs A New King

Mortal Kombat

Choose Your Destiny...

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

The Mystery. The Life. The Love. The Legend.

3 Ninjas

Action at its Best!

The Lion King

The Circle of Life


No limits. No fears. No substitutes.

Young Guns II

The West just got wilder.

The X-Files: Fight The Futur···

The Truth Is Revealed

The Wrong Trousers

From the makers of Chicken Run.


Be careful what you wish for.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

Life is a terrible thing to sleep through.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

This time, staying awake won't save you.

Waiting for Guffman

There's A Good Reason Some Talent Remains Undiscovered.


The Coast Is Toast.

Very Bad Things

They've been bad. Very bad.


Witness a battle no one has ever seen

Varsity Blues

Make your own rules.

Two Moon Junction

Let your body move your mind.


The Dark Side of Nature.

12 Monkeys

The future is history.

The Truman Show

How's it going to end?

True Romance

Who said romance is dead?

Toy Story

The toys are back in town.

Total Recall

They stole his mind. Now he wants it back.