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Film Taglines of Braveheart

Braveheart is a 1995 epic war film loosely based on the life of William Wallace, a 14th century Scottish hero. The film won five Academy Awards in 1996 including the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Film Taglines of Braveheart

Every man dies; not every man really lives.

What gives men the will to fight hard...the passion to bleed long...the strength to die well?

His passion captivated a woman. His courage inspired a nation. His heart defied a king.

In a land of timeless beauty, William Wallace was a man of peace. But when a ruthless king threatened his home, and murdered the woman he loved, William Wallace was driven to war...and to win for his people something they never dreamed of having. Their own country. (from theatrical trailer)

Who does history remember? Those who beg for mercy? Or those who bleed for freedom?

To dwell in the shadow of a crown is not to truly live.

What could drive a man to revolt against a kingdom...and what sort of people would fight beside such a man?

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