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Film Taglines of Christine

Christine is a 1983 film about a nerdish boy who buys a strange car with an evil mind of its own and his nature starts to change to reflect it.

Film Taglines of Christine

[ from theatrical trailer ] She is seductive. She is passionate. She is possessive. She is pure evil. She is Christine, a 1958 Plymouth Fury possessed by Hell. Her previous owner is not alive to warn her present one. Once she lures you behind the wheel, you will be hers, body and soul. There is no place you can hide, no place you can run, and nothing you can do can stop her. Because how do you kill something that can't possibly be alive?

He was lost until he found her. She took him further than he ever thought he'd go. For her, he was willing to die. For him, she was willing to kill.

Once she lures you behind her wheel...You're all hers.

She'll possess you. Then destroy you. She's death on wheels.

She's Hell on wheels.

Body by Plymouth. Soul by Satan.

Seductive. Passionate. Possessive. Say hello to Christine...Your Girlfriend The Car.

Hell hath no Fury...like a 1958 Plymouth.

She lives. She loves. She's a beauty. She's a beast. She's a killer.

Stephen King. John Carpenter. Two great masters of terror have teamed up to take you for a ride.

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