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Looks can kill.

Sword of power! Sword of kings!

What happens to me if I fail your test?

Have a nice end of the world.

Kiss Your Nerves Goodbye

The Most terrifying film you will ever experience.

Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time

A comedy of Biblical proportions.

The story that touched the world!

Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane.

A holiday comedy unlike any other!

Set the world on fire.

Two men. One battle. No compromise.

From the creators of Ice Age and Rio

The first American produced martial arts spectacular!

In God we trust. The rest we monitor.

Some men are born to be heroes.

Prepare for the end of days.

Real men wear tights.

Damn the Man! Save the Empire!

You're all sinners... You'll all burn in hell!

The Scandal That Rocked A Nation

Let the squashing begin!!

It's naughty. It's nice. It's animated.

His scars run deep.


Every Sin Leaves A Mark.

The searing classic of paradise lost.

When the big one finally hits L.A.

An adventure one million years in the making.