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If Ron Burgundy says it, it's the truth!

It's a SCREAM!

A true story.

Forever hold your piece.

One bullet can tell the story

No introductions necessary.

Time for your next piece of pie!

Boy gets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets pie.

United by hate, divided by truth

There are two sides to the American dream.

A Thrilling Story of Love and Romance

They're gonna rock the boat!

Take A Ride On The Wild Side.

How did it ever go so far?

The game is far from over.

Almost History... Almost Legends... Mostly Ridiculous.

The most devastating detective story of the century!

The comedy that proves that one's a crowd.

But not all dogs stay there!

The triumph of the human spirit.

The Aliens vs. The Pearsons

This time it's war.

The Bitch Is Back

A word of warning …

The world's favorite bedtime story.

Deliberate sacrifice for deliberate gain.