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Die "Really" Hard

The ultimate battle is about to begin.

You'll Believe a Man Can Fly!

The Adventure Continues.

Superman vs. the king of computerized crime!


Worst. Heroes. Ever.

Vegas Needs A New King

Log In. Log Out. Leg It!

This movie plays reality.

Life is not a movie

Fall... in love.

Even Cops Dial 911.

Love in his Heart ... Tragedy in his Mind!

Human perfection. What could go wrong?

Altered State Police

A film of epic portions.

This ain't no game!

Dirty Harry is at it again.

You will be unprepared.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Trailing a "tiptoe" killer!

An extreme taste of reality.

The funniest movie ever to make you cry.

The Irish mob in Hell's Kitchen.

Good Cops. Bad Hair.

You can't step on these ones

It Will Take You A Million Light Years From Home

Love is Magic